Can you tell me why would anyone read your blog? What's in it for them? (day 6)

Let me first start by saying there are no stupid questions.

Often times you may have a question and someone else is wondering or struggling with the same exact thing. Today’s writing prompt revolved around developing an editorial calendar. I realized that in order to do that I would have to know what it is I am writing about, and possibly who I am writing for. But in case you didn’t notice, I’m still discovering…

So I posed a question in the community to see if I could get some clarification around the days prompt – only to be met with the question,

“Can you tell me why anyone would read your blog? Whats in it for them?”

The first thought that went through my mind, “consumers.” Everyone is out to get something for themselves. More on that another day. All I wanted to do is write.

First the question stung a bit. It made me feel invalid. One thing for sure – there is no one else in the world like me. We may have similarities, and things we enjoy that have a common ground but no two people are alike. (And that includes identical twins!)

So yea, the question stung a bit. However, after I saw that other people were struggling with the same thing, or something similar, it made me realize my question indeed was not a stupid one. I signed up for the daily writing challenge to get back into the habit of writing daily. I didn’t think I needed to have it all flushed out, with a clear direction of where it will be five years from now.

And then Sean said this and it resonated with me:

When you’re just starting out, sharing your journey is just as important. You don’t need to speak from a place of authority you don’t have and you don’t need to wait until you’re an expert to share.

If you know something, teach it. If you don’t know something, don’t pretend to know it. Share what you’re learning as you’re learning it and iterate in public. Start writing now—start when you feel like you’re not ready.

Hours later, I discussed the situation with my boyfriend. He reads a ton of blogs and I wanted to hear another perspective.

Everything you enjoy you get something out of it.

D. Desir

This made me think once more about what Sean said. Personally, I enjoy writing. I am not sure if this blog will help someone else out in the future. So for right now, with this writing prompt an what I could come up with off the top of my head – and for the sake of writing:

Writing Prompt:

Come up with one major theme for the start of your editorial calendar by answering the following questions: Landing a career job with company X. (They = I, Me).

  • Who am I writing for?
    • Myself, and my future self – to have a place to look back and see my growth.
  • What do I want to help them with?
    • Improving my design skills, in sketching, writing, and documenting a project.
  • What goal am I helping them reach?
    • Land a job career with a particular company.
  • What is the very first thing they need to do?
    • Know how to draw.
  • What are the remaining steps required for them to reach the goal? (List out as numbers—examples below:)
    1. Learn the fundamentals of drawing.
      1. line, shape texture,
    2. Know what materials/tools to work with.
      1. paper
      2. pencil
      3. workspace
    3. What/how to draw.
      1. still life,
      2. observation
      3. photorealism
    4. Understanding line weight/drawing types.
    5. Using drawing to communicate.
    6. Going digital.
      1. types of software
      2. free software
      3. top software
    7. Creating a project/Draw the non existing/research.
      1. understanding manufacturing
      2. product lifecycle
      3. user testing
    8. Understanding a brief/components of a project.
    9. Documenting your work.
    10. Understand presentation design.
    11. Developing a portfolio.
    12. Share your work.
    13. Network.
    14. Get the interview.
    15. $$$ Money Bags!!!

The next step would be to expound on each sub post. I am sure I am missing some steps. However I think this serves as a great starting point. Anyone want to learn to draw?

I also must say that I won’t be sharing the full prompts “word for word” like I did in the previous posts. Sign up to be a member of the seanwes community and you can enroll in the course for free.


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