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business and friends – they don’t mix either
let’s face it. They just don’t mix. You know how it goes, a friend asks for a favor – but its really business related. You feel obligated to help because, after all IT’S YOUR FRIEND, your buddy, ol’ pal. I’m going to let you in on something, it wont work. I’ve learnt this the hard way| in-spite of the wise saying. In 2010 one of my friends approached me with this whole logo design request–after they approached a previous friend. They gave me friend number 1’s designs (all of which were still in concept phase). I ended up redesigning everything from scratch. Oh and the payment, I never did get paid. “We discussed this, you would work for free so that you can intern with us”. A conversation I do NOT recall. Today, As we are about to enter 2013 I am getting more requests, to update the copyright, business card information, and soon it will be the flyers. What I would rather do is update everything, give them the final files and request to not be bothered anymore with this matter. They can keep the original files, copyright etc. This friendship means more to me than the business. I think its ok for a friend to request services after the business has been established. The perks would be a discount. Not a free product – other wise where’s the respect for my services and the product? I’m just saying I think its only fair. Everyone needs money – even your friends.

What do you think? 

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