Burning Passions

I believe as a kid it was much easier to know what you liked verses what you didn’t like. Yet as you get older, there’s this filtration that happens. It’s almost like the older you get the more you forget how to play.

The conundrum of go to work to pay the bills syndrome comes up. I’ve heard over and over again to do the work you love from 5-9. For me it’d be more like 6-10.

The hardest thing is choosing the one thing and going along with it long enough to see what evolves of it. Like yesterday, I wrote about writing everyday – it started as a simple challenge and now I have an idea to stir things up. (A few actually)

Yet I’ve found it very difficult to want to get up at 5:00 am to do that thing. Be it exercise, meal prep, getting ready for the day – that resistance is one of the hardest things to over come.

In the past I would get up in the wee hours in the morning to complete a painting and now I just find it difficult to get started.

The idea of a burning passion is so falsified and there will always be something you don’t enjoy.

This is certainly a note to self.


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