Building Buffer

As 2017 approaches, we’ll begin to see the “new year new me” posts on Facebook, twitter and across all o social media. However, for 2017 I’ve chosen a word to impact several areas of my life. On of the things I really need to work on to put this word into practice is buffer.

I need to learn to build buffer around my day to day activities. And one of the best ways to do that is to say no to the things that require too much time and energy that doesn’t pay off both in the short term goals and the long term goals.

My word for 2017 is focus. Many people believe I am focused but I believe I get side tracked very easily. I am very interested in learning and this past year I’ve been consuming so much information. I am hoping to turn that around in 2017 and execute on building relationships with other creatives and business owners that can use my design services.

Time is ticking a little too quickly and so many people want a piece of it. So here are a few things I am saying no to in 2017:

  • senseless meetings. the point of a meeting is to accomplish a goal. have an agenda, stick to it and don’t run overtime.
  • impulse shopping. spending carelessly won’t help me with my financial goals. I need to always question: is it a need or a want, can it wait, is it an emergency?
  • rushed jobs. I believe in quality. Rushing a project wont help in getting quality work done.
  • joining email lists. If I’m not on there by tomorrow, sorry – not sorry. I’m all out of inbox space.
  • publishing daily. (Just kidding. Wanted to see if you were paying attention to the point of this blog).
  • busy work. It’s very easy to feel like your accomplishing something because you are “busy” – look again, your probably just wasting time in other areas.

I’m looking forward to 2017 despite the changing of leadership in our country. Let’s see where it takes us. Here’s to building buffer and getting FOCUSED.

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