Birthday Surprises

I was feeling salty.

Someone came up to me and asked me to sign a birthday card.

I signed it and wished the person a happy birthday. Yet all I thought about was me. My birthday was also last month. I didn’t get a card. ::sigh::

Oh well right?

It was time to leave and my Pastor Cousin wanted to ask me about the missions trip I have coming up (I leave this Friday), He asked about my expectations and I didn’t really have any. All I know is that it will be hot. How do you gage expectations of a place you’ve only heard extreames? 

But then…. the Leadership Ministry decided to bring out a cake and a birthday card. And I got my own ICE-CREAM CAKE!!!!! It was really a surprise and…..

It was really a surprise and bet – it’s fairly difficult to surprise my nosey ass…

Thank you to my crew.

Y’all are the best. Though we bicker like family we also try to be on the lookout for one another. 

Leadership, especially in the church setting is difficult and requires much sacrifice.

Thank you – I appreciate you.

Now I know I shouldn’t eat this all by myself….. who wants ice cream cake? 


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