Being Mad Solves Nothing

If you don’t have a guide to take you through the ropes, hoops and avoid the traps, you make the same mistakes as everyone else.

Often times I wish my mom had someone to guide her so that some mistakes would not have been made.

But I admit, at the end of the day I signed some papers too.

I’m talking about student loans.

I am the first person in my immediate family to graduate college. I’ve always dreamed of going and becoming a professor but what’s held me back is the accumulation of student loans. Some people believe that it’s inevitable. You’ll get into debt in some way of another.

Yet I beg to differ. I’ve heard too many stories of people gaining full scholarships or grants to go on and study further without having to take additional student loans. I often feel that if my mom had someone here in the states to show her the ropes, her children would be much farther ahead financially.

But I can’t blame my mom for the loans that I signed for. I did listen to other adults saying, “Just borrow the money and pay it when you get out”. Six almost seven years later I’ve barely made what I’d call a dent in it.

I talked this over with a friend and here’s what they had to say,

I would blame my parents but I can’t because they’re just as new to this as I am and so are their parents. Now that I’m aware, financial literacy has to start with me.
High school should teach it especially in low-income neighborhoods. Its not like people don’t know how to make money. They don’t know what to do with it when they get it because they’ve never had it before.
A lot of students from immigrant families are not going to learn it at home either because their parents didn’t have the types of financial resources like student loan programs and financial aid like we do.
And even for students of non Immigrant families, if your family has been locked out of financial equality for generations, where were the children going to learn it from?
I agree. These urban based schools aren’t teaching basic life skills needed to make it out the hood. Growing I had extended programs to attend and learn from because we had the funding for it.
Yet today, all you hear about are budget cuts happening left and right. The media is teaching our young ones to spend on things that don’t matter. We lack the understanding and knowledge to invest and do better than those before us.
I can only be mad at myself. But being mad doesn’t solve anything, does it?

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