Back from Memphis

Man there’s just so much to write about from this trip that I had going to Memphis. I may not write about all of it but to sum it up in the mean time, it was a great, all around. All of Impact was there (excluding those that were in South Africa). I really want to experience Impact Kamp and maybe even try to experience Impact Music. I think for anyone who does not know anything about Impact should start out at Impact Kamp then follow through to either music or Impact Orlando SIP. However, my experience there was in my terms bangin! I got to stay in a Mansion! Makes me want one 😀 however, if the Lord blesses me with such a beautiful and spacious home I’m sure he would want me to also bless others with such  home. We got to see the more relaxed side of the Staff members and to see just how silly they could be, not to mention what they struggle with. 

I visited the National Civil Right Museum and man did I learn a lot more than what the text books taught us in school. I was not upset, but it was emotional to hear the testimony of the eye witness who was near King when he was shot. We also came across a woman who was protesting against the museum for the past 22 years, and 167 days (as of today’s date) We were able to go over and talk to her but she was also very defensive. All in all I just pray that the Lord bless his hear and that she accepted him as her personal Lord and savior.

Speaking of witnessing, I was a witness to seeing Steve in Impact Music band Level 3:16 phone being stolen by a student who went out to see them perform. After the performance the group of students went out to the stage to get photos taken with the group. Level 3:16 happen to leave all equipment and valuables unattended. Long story short, the Lord used me to help lead Steve and Timothy to returning the phone.

Sorry for not writing these experiences as they came, but It was a great long week and I’ll be sure to continue blogging and journal-ing as I go. (when ever Internet is accessible.

One last thing before signing off, I never knew how nice and warm welcoming southern people could be. It’s just great! Peace and blessings…. Keshna

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