Are You Trying To Be A Writer?

I firmly believe that we all have a story to tell. 

That our stories are in alignment with a greater story being told, that we are all interconnected in some way shape or form.

Am I looking to become a writer?

 No. A story teller, maybe. I have heard time and time again that designers and artists lack verbal eloquence in public speaking and writing about their work or giving presentations.

I’ve mentioned before that I am part of an online design community. Once a year we gather in person and talk about what we are doing and experiencing. Ultimately its a place of like minded individuals hoping to help one another.
For the most part we all have this common struggle – not being able to do what we love, something that during the past few years I’ve heard over and over again. “Just do what you love and the money will come”.

This is horrid advice by the way. 

If no one knows who you are, if you aren’t sharing the work – you wont make money – ever.
In my professional design experience, the design manager speaks for the designer. the designer may get two words in maybe a sentence if your lucky. However, we don’t get to speak directly to the client. We go through the pipeline of sales managers marketing and design managers before we get to the root problem.
It’s like playing telephone. How often does the message get clearly across multiple people? Especially when people with different experiences and backgrounds think and understand information differently?

Anyway, I wanted to use writing to document my journey from here – my current design life and situation to there, where I (think) I’d like to be and what I (think)I’d like to be doing. What does that entail? A series of things: working for myself, collaborating with others- on projects larger than me, working for IDEO, all while sharing the process. 
In between all that I’m simply living life, asking questions and doing what I can with what I have. So no, I’m not trying to be known as a writer. And if showing up everyday for a year has put in your mind that I am a writer – then sure I’m a writer – amongst a list of other things. 
I am certain my English professors would cringe at some of the things I’ve posted without fully editing and rewriting. But I am ok with that. 

The goal (for now) is to simply show up everyday and write. 

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