Are Ever Too Old to Switch Careers?

My mom came up to me and asked, “Am I too old to switch careers?” 

In my opinion it’s never too late. Especially if you are still breathing and kicking. My mom is passionate about sewing. She makes custom dresses for me, curtains, and at times hand bags. 

Her dream is to work from home- have clients come to her. 

She gets discouraged when she sees dresses for $5.00. She says, “that’s not even cocering the cost of the fabric!” And she’s right. 

My mind switches gears and I am thinking how do you make this work? Should the clients come to her or should she have a store front? 

Custom clothing, alterations, and fashion in general is often cut throat. I think maybe she should teach sewing classes or go to something like project runway. 

My mom turns 60 this month. It would be awesome to see her life long dream come to fruition. 

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