Another Movie About Slavery? (Day 23)

So it’s date night and we are about to watch Birth Of A Nation. Is this gonna be “just another slavery movie”. 

I watched the previews a while back and I’ve heard the interviews on power 105-1. The media has been so focused on Nate Parker and not what the movie has to deliver. 

I didn’t know anything about Nate Parker’s past and after watching the previews I’d already decided I wanted to see the movie. 

Have we lost the ability to distinguish the art from the artist? Better yet should we? Does the reputation or the character of the artist have a say in how their art should be evaluated? 

I wanted to be sure I posted within the 24hrs but I’m also willing to come back to this post with an edit and a review with my thoughts of the movie. 

I’ll be back with an update ✌️️. 

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