365 Days of Writing: An Update

365 days of writing:an update 

First I want to thank you for subscribing. I always find it interesting that people subscribe to blogs of those they don’t know. Typically something has resonated with you for you to subscribe – so thank you. You are among several that hit the subscribe button over the past month or so- and if you haven’t checked the about page I figure it would be wise to give an update as a post (and if I’m honest with myself I wasn’t sure what else to write about). 

Back in September of 2016, an online design community I am a part of decided to go through a course that’s made free if you are a member. It’s called 30 days to better writing. This blog however has been around for some time. I started it when I transferred schools in college. I wanted to document my journey to becoming a professional designer. Back then for me professional =paid and my views have since changed and it would have been great to have the documentation of it but why remince on the past?. I hadn’t seen many people do that – document where they want to be or how they got there. Instead it was often a story told in hindsight. Through writing and blogging, I’ve since learned that it ought to help someone (even if it’s just for the author). 

Currently, I’m on a mission to write everyday. There are times where I’ve found myself to write multiple times a day – some are kept in a personal hand written journal or through an app called day one. 

Writing has been a form of expression for me growing up. Yes, I was one of those kids that kept a diary or a journal as some people called it… until my mom came across it. She yelled at me for some stuff I was planning to do – oh the joys of childhood and the little I really knew about life. When that happened I destroyed all my personal journals. 

Now as I write, it helps me clear my head – it’s become a form of therapy, and a way to articulate myself. 

So Welcome!, and Thanks for joining the journey – my writing hasn’t been specifically only about my design aspirations of hoping to work for IDEO, but more of the day to day experiences in between. Thus far I’ve written about my faith, disappointments, fears, concerns, lessons learned and experiences I’ve had from the culture I’ve been raised within (I’m Haitian American by the way).

As I hit publish today, it marks my 228th day of consecutive writing. I can’t wait to hit day 265 because I can then do a 100 day countdown. What I’d really like to start implementing are interviews, diy, and even more lessons learned, more about my faith and how it leads me in my decision making, and other side projects I’d like to explore along with book reviews – the list can go on and on. 

As more people subscribe to my blog I find it interesting and and feel that there needs to be a more coherent purpose to my writings. I believe that clarity comes through searching and implementation and showing up to write everyday has been a part of that process. 

If there’s a specific post that resonated with you, let me know. If there’s a topic that you’d like me to write more on let me know! I like when the blog is interactive. It lets me know I’m not alone in this massive world and that the issues I face are not that of my own. 

If you subscribed via email and are a bit shy of leaving a comment you can always hit reply and I’ll see your message.

See ya tomorrow on the blog!


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