365 days later

Last year I set out to write and publish every day for a year.

By July I went out of the country had no buffer to publish automatically and hence decided to write manually.

Most recently, I’ve been writing in my bullet journal doing a few lines a day to reflect and write about how my day went. And now, I’ve decided to write about my health and fitness journey and find ways to combine that with my love of design.

Through the past years, I’ve been writing mainly for myself, but I’d like to switch it up and write to educate and teach, and possibly pair that with video on either youtube or Vimeo.

For me, the common themes through my writing have been about design and fine art and health and fitness.

My favorite writers or blog sites would have to be

Candice Marie’s Young yet wise – teaching Millenials about finance and advocating a wealth.

Seth Godin – A marketing wizard, but his emails are thought provoking and they come in every day.

James Clear – who speaks on habits and improving life incrementally.

Overall I do enjoy the act of writing, it’s just that I now want it to have more sustenance and value to whom ever comes across it.

I’ve really wanted to get better at documenting, and story telling. I wanted to document my journey to IDEO and well – I’m still not there yet.

I’ve been so fearful and playing terrible scenes in my head.

I am choosing to be conscious and take action toward creating more.

What does this mean for the blog?

I will go back to posting once a week. In a few weeks, I’m actually headed out to Austin for seanwes Conference. I’ll be sure to Vlog my experience! and write a blog post about it.

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