30 days to better writing (day 1)

What made you enroll in this course?

Well it’s free! I mean with my seanwes membership – why not put it to use? Anyway, I want to challenge myself – and succeed. I know that success is different in each persons perspective but I really want to succeed in the things I commit to. 

What are 3 ways you think writing will benefit you?

Mostly – to clear out my head. There is so much going on up in there. My thoughts can be happy and insightful to sad and draining. I want to get better at sharing (and telling) stories. I also need to revamp my speaking skills. I hear I talk really low, but I know how to project my voice. I just don’t like the stigmas that come with “speaking loudly”. So again what three things? 

  • Better communication and enunciation of words and using the right ones to communicate,
  • Better story telling,
  • And to clear my head. 

What are you afraid of when it comes to writing?

Spelling errors and typos- people are so quick to point out the mistakes you’ve made. No thanks to auto correct either! I know it’s said that you wrote for yourself but I’d like to write in public and share my thoughts and opinions. 

What sacrifices will you have to make in order to carve out half an hour a day for writing? 

I’ll either have to wake up earlier or change up my schedule. Most of my time after work is taken up by traffic on the local parkway in New Jersey. There’s been so much construction going on…. I’ll make a way to make it happen. I’ve been on a kick to conquer my fears.  

Most recently I signed up for a swimming class. It’s been so much fun and it’s only been a week. 

Are you ready? Why yes I am! 

But,Wait was that really twenty Mineutes that just passed? 

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