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Two months ago I went to Boisbuchet, France. It was AMAZING! Granted, other than the 4 hour flight delay before take off and me nearly getting off the wrong stop on the train, it was truly a great overall experience. While there, I met some spectacular people and heard really great presentations – one of which I’d like to share. The presentation was far greater than my notes, because there are some details that Emile Baltz shared but here they are:

serene peace
serene peace

1. School will work for you, if you work in school. I absolutely love school and believe I wouldn’t mind being there forever. But there is so much I want to accomplish and being in school will work for me, to network and meet others; to challenge my thinking and to push myself beyond the limits and obstacles to which I encounter.                                              

 2. Do what makes you smile (and other people too) Can you imagine getting up to go to work every day, hating what you do? I vowed to myself at a very young age that I would NOT do that, but right now I find myself in that predicament only cause I have bills to pay.   

3. Love SH*T. not literally,

4. Know When to get out of SH*T I hate my job, but I keep in mind that it is after all a job. I am getting to where the great designers are, this way I can net work. Eventbright has been a great tool for informing me of when the next design event is. 9/10 its free or cheap 

5. Use the competition. Emile mentioned Bombay Sapphire, a competition she entered. I use MESH01. It challenges me to work on short deadlines and even helps in learning the design briefs, and expanding my portfolio.  

6. Listen. to those around you, those you encounter. people love to talk, so hear them                                                      

7. Call your teacher. Crazy part about this one, I’ve been meaning to do that. To call one of my professors and interview him. More on another post.                                                  

8. Don’t be afraid to get  Visa. (not a credit card, a traveling one! one of my great friends from Rochester is actually doing this and recommended I do it too. Within the next year. I will indeed get my VISA.                                                                                              

9. Be a good friend. Partly what inspired this post, a good friend of mine is going through a rough time. It’s always great to be a good friend. You never know when they really need you – or when you’ll need them.                                                                                           

10. Talk to your co-workers. Where I work now, most of my co-workers don’t seem to be as ambitious as me. They don’t seem to do the whole “goal setting”, striving for better or to move toward a specific career. When I talk to them it shows me where I DO NOT wish to be. Keep it moving sistah! Just remember: never put anyone else down for what they do.                                                                                                                                         

11. Look for yourself. (working as a designer you give a lot) Be sure to not loose your own identity, in what you do.                                                                                                 

12. Comment (on what you find). With all the social net works like twitter, facebook, pinterest, linked in, tumblr, there are more ways than ever to comment on what you find. 

13. Save the World. One step at a time, if each person committed to this, I’m sure we really could save the world.                                                                                                  

14. Help others. you just might enjoy it, and you never know where it will lead you.          

15. Be Bigger. What would it be like to scale work? small drawing vs. a massive poster/billboard – you get the idea.                                                                                      

16. Listen – to yourself. simple and to the point. so do it.                                                  

17. Make it personal. We are, after all, personable people. We love when we can relate to one another. My project at Boisbuchet turned out to be great, and I was told that my presentation was great too. It was personal, sharing some things about great people.       

18. LIVE IT! Live the dream you’ve always dreamed. Remember to live life on purpose.  

19. Drink, never alone. I think a lot of my friends can attest to this one. They drink to unwind, party, and forget the chaos of life. On the other hand I like to visit wineries and do wine tastings, venture out do something new.                                                                     

20. Play Tennis ( sport) With the olympics being over, i am sure many people are motivated to loose weight and look great! My sport was track and field when I was in High School. I also enjoy in line skating, and working out in general. Get a move on!                  

21. Don’t Sleep. During my undergrad days I can say that I did not sleep. You can rest when your dead. Until then, design everything that does exist and everything that doesn’t.  

22. Provoke (yourself and others) 

23. Feel It. 

24. Love

25. say YES! to discoveries & meeting new people. I said yes to Boisbuchet, France. It taught me a lot. I’ve even said yes to graduate school at SCAD. Who knows what these new discoveries will bring. 

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