2018 Goals

So last year I set out a goal to make youtube videos.

And well I did for the first few weeks but fell off because I was doing too much. I really enjoy creating and have found it difficult to focus. Lately, I’ve been binge watching other artists create on youtube and figured I need to re-evaluate my goals.

So I made a list and a video to share it with you. I’m only sharing my personal development goals:

Be consistent with my YouTube channel (be more expressive, vocal, confident)

    • Create more opportunities through collaborations with creatives I know (locally)
    • Teach what I know about design and fine art – paint with me
    • share my fine art – Draw for 365 days (sketchbook tour)
    • Grow a community and network of like-minded people
    • Get better at storytelling and communication/speaking
    • Document my growth

Grow in Design industry

    • Be more visible in my industry
    • Throw an event
    • Develop my design portfolio
    • grow my newsletter

Things I’m hoping youtube can teach me:

    • branding and marketing
    • human-centered design

Other Goals

    • Learn to sew with my mom
    • Open an Etsy shop (for my mom)

Do you have goals or accomplishments you’d like to reach for 2018? Comment and share below.

Watch my video here

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