Fund Raising to Haiti 2017

Not everyone believes in giving funds and donations to go service others in different countries. Some people believe there is much work to do in the states. I did some searching online and read about a service trip someone went on. 

They talked about how America is better off because we have systems set in place to help people get back on their feet. 

I’ve also talked to a few people that have been to Haiti, I’ve heard good and bad and it seems that you have to have the right mindset to travel – not just to Haiti but anywhere. 

I decided to use my design skills to help me get to Haiti. If someone donates $100 or more I’ll make a custom painting or lettering piece. I’ll be using Facebook, twitter, Instagram and Snapchat to help promote. So far I’ve got three donations and I’ve already started my first painting. 

The next way to raise funding, I figure is to make products. And use a drop shipping service to make the physical products. 

Consider giving and read the full story on my go fund me page:

Thank you to those of you that have already supported me. It’s greatly appreciated. 

The Fear Of Self Promotion

I’m not sure where the fear comes from not wanting to promote our selves. Perhaps its the fear of people rejecting us.

With this upcoming project I know I’ll have to promote myself and my design work.

There’s this person I’ve been following on youtube for years. This year she celebrated 5 years on youtube. She started out promoting herself everyday for a year as online as an experiment.

Check her out:

WordPress Migration Challenges

I almost broke my site earlier this morning. I was getting an error message and could only see the back end of things. However, majority of the back end is complete. With much back and fourth with my web hosting provider and asking tons of questions.

As I continue with the ConvertKit Course I am realizing I need to expand my outline and lessons.

Here’s where I am with everything so far:

  • I’ve got the content for the landing page edited and outlined
  • I’m halfway through migrating to (I’ve caught a snag with a few things and I”m just not certain what changing certain things do). There’s a lot of testing, breaking and failing going on in the background.
  • I am working on the design for my landing page. Hoping to go live with it by Monday.
  • I’ll be recording a video to post on youtube – scheduled for tomorrow – as a promo and a way to ask for funding.

Side note: after much frustration with I suggested that they put up a notice so that people that wanted a guided transfer could know they are unavailable. I’m glad they listened, because when I was attempting to do the purchase it wasn’t available and it wasn’t posted visible on the site. Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 1.54.34 PM.png

Gee, thanks for the heads up….

Taking the challenge on for myself I’ll be using this guide WordPress has put together. I think it would be helpful to have a video guide because as I attempt to this there is a bit of switching back and fourth between tabs.

Overall, if you decide to do the DIY version, just ensure you have patience (something I can use more of), and that you enjoy reading. Now back to testing, failing and all the other things that come with this DIY….