Lets Talk About Weight Issues (day 26)

This post is originally from a previous blog and was published on Tuesday Oct 29, 2013 @ 15:35 Updates and edits are noted below.

Last night I was viewing YouTube videos and I have a few people I follow. I came across this video by RusticBeauty (sorry video is private now) and she posed this question, (mainly to herself), “Do I really want to lose the weight right now?” She went on to explain that in her core versus her mindset and outer part of her didn’t want to lose weight. She also posed do you have time to exercise 30 min a day 5 times a week for 3 months….. (check out the video to understand it!)

I totally agree with her though!!! How can we lose weight when we don’t REALLY want to lose it? From our inner core!! Change starts from within and I always say that I’m up for a challenge.  But deep in the core I’ve never gone forward with it. Or I start out and don’t finish out with it.

My friend over on youngyetwise.com posted a one month challenge and I said I was down for the cause. ( you can also pick up a guide written by her – check out her website.) But I started this week eating the wrong food, & yesterday I went into a supermarket near my house. You know to start this challenge. To my surprise, I couldn’t even find the tools I would need to make a decent salad. Everything looked old or not so fresh.

While browsing YouTube I also looked at a few other videos of people I’ve subscribed to. I read the resources and one lead me to the  movie by Joe Cross, “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”.  I must admit, I fell asleep while watching it – only because it was a long day from work – so i finished it in the morning. This movie had me in tears. I began to think about the other members in my family who suffer from some type of illness;

diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, out of breath when walking or going up the stairs, cholesterol, and skin issues like outbreaks, bruising, and scarring.

I must also mention that one of my uncles passed from lung cancer and most recently liver failure. This is not a way to live.

It’s time for me to prioritize my health. join me on this journey and help me through this accountability.

Updated: 2016 

So, the other night I watched “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead – 2” on NetFlix. Four years later – 4!! – and I have continued to go up and down in weight. If I am going to be fully transparent – I then ordered pizza ready for the excuse? Because I didn’t feel like cooking.

Terrible right?

The other day I re-read a post by Martine Foreman on CandidBelle.com. Her post resonated with me as I can relate to the ups and down of weight loss and the history of health issues in my family.

My mom has diabetes and incurred it while pregnant with me. I was born at six months and my doctors believed that I would remain under weight (ha). My mom fears that I may someday get diabetes, hypertension, or have cholesterol issues – all of which are in my family.

Last year a few things happened that helped me with dropping a few pounds. I was consistent with going to the gym. I was able to drop a good 20lbs. I would wake up and be at the gym by 5:00am and on the parkway headed to work by 6:30/6:45 am. I would workout with two other people every once in a while and we even created a group me. Everything was planned out to the T. I also had a few weddings to walk in and wanted to look great. A few things have changed since then. And once you fall off track its a wrap (or so it feels that way). It becomes easier to eat the foods that aren’t so good for you.

I’ve considered time and time again to sign up for a fitness coach – because anytime you have someone counting on you other than yourself – you don’t want to disappoint them.

The hardest part for me is FOOD. I enjoy flavorful food. And Haitian food is high in carbs. (So much rice and bread). So after watching a few youtube videos of people saying how they lost the weight and remembering JoetheJuicer, I thought let me watch that movie again. Only this time I came across the sequel.


**Spoiler Alert**


There was a followup with Phil who was a truck driver in the first movie. He was highly overweight and had a team of people working with him to drop the weight. As he was featured in the second movie you can see that he had gained all the weight back.

There was a behavioral Phycologist, and a doctor that went and explained the differences that happen in our bodies when we prepare food verses waiting to hear the doorbell ring for delivery.

Sheila Kar, MD says, “Medications work, but nothing is without a side affect”. In 2013 I was working for a company that helped those with physical and mental disabilities. One patient had 10 plus pills.

” My feeling is that humans were never meant to be sick, its a side affect of  junk being introduced in the body – side affect of a lifestyle.

You have a choice between eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle or me giving you more poisons to counteract the poison you just had. The medications work, but nothing is without side affect.

Everything in moderation. 

The best takeaway from this movie: the best diet is the one that you can stick to. It’s all about our personal choices. Do it yourself and lead by example.

For the record, I didn’t eat the whole pizza pie myself and I can’t remember the last time I’ve had pizza.

Many people combat their emotions with food. There’s a temporary sensation thats “filled” by eating. The environment and situation that Phil ended up in is common. He lacked a team that would call him out on the bad food that he had. We have to control our environment. Emotional difficulties + disconnection = relapse.

Things I’ve tried:

  • The master Cleanse (couldn’t get past the salt water flush).
  • The Daniel Fast (I get so hungry with only vegetable).
  • Weight Watchers (can easily get expensive) and is similar to
  • MyFitnessPal – which has taught me its all about portion control.
  • Doing T-25 at home or Insanity.
  • Meal Prepping ( this works, but it has to be for the entire family to be effective).

Here’s what I know: I am most successful when I have other people checking in and working out with me. Or at work – typically after Thanks Giving we do a weight loss challenge and publicly display our weight. Everyone becomes much more health conscious and eats differently. And they aren’t afraid to call you out on it.

In the beginning of September this year, I started to record myself and post videos on youtube (they are currently private). I managed to drop 5lbs. The other day I joined a FaceBook group and so far the members have been really supportive. I’ve been doing more research on my own about food and health – an alternative subject I would have studied in school. There is so much information out there that talks about diet, nutrition and health, so many myths to combat and lots of testing, trial and error – because everyone’s body just isn’t the same.

The four myths that Martine talks about is real. Not everyone has more time to work out more for the pounds to fall off. It’s more than “putting your mind to it”. People have to understand that circumstances are a real factor in any situation. There’s another girl I’ve followed on youtube for years – she talked about how she felt after the weight loss. Happiness is a whole other topic and shouldn’t be based on looks.

One last thing mentioned about food in the movie is that we have given food morale when it is a-moral. We have labeled food as “good” or “bad” or healthy and not healthy – when at the end of the day we make our own food choices. No one is shoving food down your throat to eat ( and if they are this needs to be reported!)

So what’s next?

Last year my aunt had a stroke, along with a few other close people that I know – their family members have also experienced a stroke or other health related issues. I know that stress is a factor, along with food and the relationship we have with it. So, I am going to continue to work on my health until it truly becomes a part of my lifestyle. I am going to research the bullet proof diet and see if I can incorporate juicing. The most difficult part is finding people in your local area that can relate to your issues and help you make better lifestyle changes. People that are willing to challenge you and hold you accountable with the goals and challenges you wish to achieve.

I was snapchattin’ it up with my business coach and she made a point, “the difference between a nutritional challenge and a diet challenge is personal objective. One is to get healthier and the other is to lose weight. ”

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