Small Talk with a stranger

This past weekend I took a trip out to see the opening of Boston Museum, Knoll. It was all about Furniture design. But the ride over to Boston, using Greyhound, and me forgetting my head phones I was happy when the person that sat next to me asked  “Can you plug this in?” It was the charger to his apple notebook. We then started to talk about the design layout for the plugs on the bus. One thing eventually lead to another and I learned that he was a designer at Ralph Lauren in New York City. He was going home to visit some family and friends for the weekend. Its crazy because all along I was upset I left my headphones home. Thinking the bus would be loud and people would be obnoxious. But the ride was calm, and I ended up having a great conversation surrounded by the topic of design. I even got a mini portfolio review and some feed back. I’m So grateful for the overall experience. So glad to have met the graphic artist from Ralph Lauren. Its crazy because you’d think that most people wouldn’t know how to have a conversation due to the changes in technology and “social media”. It’s good to know that there are a few people out there that still do!