The last of SP O.SIP

The last of Summer Project, Orlando Summer Internship Program, I must say that I left with a feeling of wanting to do more for this Organization. Impact Movement has definitely left a print on my heart. The excitement of what they look forward to just rubs off. I would definitely consider working with them but I think the most challenging part is having to raise your own support money. I know that it does help strengthen your faith in Christ but I also know first hand that raising support is difficult.

I have so much to decide within this next year and I am unsure of where to even begin. I am sure if I made a list, it would be a never ending one. But I know to leave everything in the hands of the Father above and trust in Him for He has control over everything.

All the things that I have gained, I know that I am going to share with those around me. Its just too great to keep to myself. I am however, going to take each day one day at a time and see where the Lord leads me. Until next time… whenever that is, Peace and Blessings.

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As I reflect on all that I have learned an experienced this summer, I can truely say that the Lord has a plan for me. It’s not completely clear of what that is right now, buti am sure that it will soon be revealed to me. The Impact Movement is doing such great things that I simple words can’t explain, but I am going to try. Coming into this summer internship program I wasn’t sure what to expect and I wasn’t sure what I’d be learning.
Gradually, you learn so much more about yourself while learning about the Lord, being decipled and growing along side with other people. You are also sharing your faith with others your age. Sometimes it is either reassuring one who believes in Christ already but need to develop thier relationship with Him or sometimes it may be with someone who doesn’t know Christ at all. This summer has been great thus far. I pray that as I return to campus the Lord would surround me with like minded people that we may go out and spread the good news to others that look like me. Peace and Blessings…. Keshna