Things that have caught my interest…..

if you did not know, I cut my hair last year – well its almost a year- and I am now natural. I have been keeping track through you tube and making silly videos. among other things that has struck my interest – once again, poetry- I used to write poetry alot when I was younger…. and drifted off as I got older. I never cease to amaze me though, how skilled people can be when writing.

To compile a group of words together that makes so much sense, for it to have a double meaning, and make others wonder when they hear the delivery of the lyrics which are written. I still journal though. I think I enjoy the old style of writing – pen and paper. It amazes me to hear what others have to say in poetry because there are so many genres to choose from. i still enjoy all aspects of design – industrial design to be specific – but lately I’ve been yearning to pick up a brush and a canvas and see what comes out of it. MAybe during my up coming spring break I can think of something. Any who, my last rando thought: social media is continuing to grow ad expand, and its all trying to keep people interconnected. I have also joined tumblr. my name on there is Like many other people I wish I could find a “name” or a logo to be represented by, but I haven’t found one yet. Until then its Canela

Peace, love and blessings…..


another year

another year has gone by, and I still haven’t gotten on the track of blogging everyday. its ok though. I have other things that I am focusing on.

peace love and blessings