Alzheimer’s Disease

My Grandmother is 73 years old and she has Alzheimer’s Disease. It is a very hard thing to watch. At times there are some moments of humor, but for the most part, its very difficult. Its like watching a loved one deteriorate right before your eyes. I see her, my grandmother and I think of all the things that she has done for me, my family and all of her children. It saddens me sometimes at the outcome of this disease. But I still love my grandmother. She has a very huge heart. She has this baby doll that she treats like a real child. If you grab it from her, her facial expression would show “why would you do that to my baby”, as she struggles to communicate and talk to you. Her words are now jumbled up and we cannot really understand what she says. There are times where you cn understand her but for the most part you can’t.

I know that we shouldn’t question the Lord for his actions and why he chooses to do what he does, but I know that my grandmother was a woman of great faith, and she still is. There are times where she still calls on Him and I think that the Lord takes that as praise.

I am blessed and Highly favored because the trials and struggles we encounter through life is what makes our experiences worth while. Its what we learn from. Its what we talk about. and that is LIFE…..

Canela… Giggles


so with the way the economy has been there is just no place for me to get hired is there? I have been applying from place to place and I really want to work in something close to my field but so far NO LUCK! It sucks because I want to do something fun, out of the ordinary you know? but with out money the only free places that I know of are the park, the beach, the church and other peoples house! (as long as food is provided i see no harm!) If any one out there knows how to make money from nothing please help a SISTAH out!! I really need to find a way! My phone lines cannot get shut off!

Its plural because I pay for my mothers phone bill. Aren’t I a great child? Okay thats all for now!