today my grandmother went unconscious. it scared me, shocked me, worried me. My grandmother has Alzhiemers disease, among other problems. While sitting down her blood pressure dropped and she was unresponsive. I called my mom so that she can do something. my mom laid her down on the bed and started blowing in her face, and began to pray for her. she’s ok now -ok in the sense that she can breathe, still grab onto you and mumble here and the. she no longer walks or speaks clearly but she is still with us. My mom prays for a miracle: that God would allow her to talk with her mom, my grandmother once more before she goes. Some how I see that my mom has a faith that is truly unshakable. despite all of what life brings to her she always proves that there is someone greater that will provide. I am happy to have a mother like her. 

I write all this to say that I gotta get a move on. Start to eat healthier like I say I’d like to, and start to apply myself the way I used to. 

until next time… 

live life abundantly NOW! 

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