15 Min

I looked up and saw there was an hour left to show up and write today. Then I looked up again and saw there’s only 15 minuets left.

I guess Ill run through the latter half of my day with you if your curious.

I sat in my car for a few minuets and watched a few Facebook videos – I know time waster. It really is a way to decompress before switching spaces and moving into the next “thing”.

I went inside and reviewed my emails and then I started to finish up my client project. While working on my clients project I was listening to the Art of Charm podcast that featured James Clear. His articles are amazing and this podcast was interesting too.

By the time that audio finished It was nearing 9:30 pm. I know I wanted to have smoothies for tomorrow and well… I had to run out and get some from the store. The nearest supermarket was closed so I had to go to whole foods – with out a list.

Simply unprepared. sigh

Oh! Did I mention, I signed up for a webinar and nearly missed it because my phone wasn’t near me. So while I’m picking up my fruits and veggies I was listening in on the webinar presentation.

I drove back home and decided if I didn’t make my smoothies right away I knew I wouldn’t be getting up to make them in the morning. So I went ahead and blended that up. I also blended the rest of my greens and placed them into the freezer for a quicker turn around.

After I completed that I went back to my client work. And when I looked up – the time was nearly out. I know I mentioned in yesterdays post that I am going through the book designing your life: how to build a well lived joyful life – I guess I’ll get back to answering additional questions on that tomorrow.


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