15 Days Later: A Topic, Focus and Categories For My Blog (Finally!)

Initially I was writing just to write. But now I have a specific direction that I’d like to head in. I hope this blog will become useful for someone in the future – and I know I need to clean up the old posts (more on that another day).

I still wasn’t satisfied. Something in me still felt unsettled.

A few weeks (months?) ago I exchanged a few emails with an employee from the seanwes community. I had just finished working with a business coach, and relaunched donia studio. I wanted to focus with lettering, but after working with a business coach, she suggested opening my options and not to “box myself in”.

After investing in this, spending a lot of time, money and effort – I still wasn’t satisfied. Something in me still felt unsettled, so I reached out to Justin Michael and wrote out a super long email.

After a few exchanges, I realized I wasn’t being honest with myself. Sure, one day I’d love to have my own design studio – but do I really? Through all of this, somehow I ended up listening to this talk featuring Tristan Walker. (Link Here). He said something that stood out to me, starting a company and running a company are two very different things. If you decided to start a company, you have to ask yourself are you willing to run it. 

One thing that came up in my email thread with Justin was school – where I went to college and what I studied. I have yet to do the kind of work that inspires my to jump out of bed and be excited to get to “work”. I am not sure if thats even the right way to phrase it, however, what I do know is this:

I want to do work that impacts people on a visceral level through design and collaboration. 

Since I mentioned college, I think its only fair to mention what I studied and what the plan is for this blog. (After all the title of this post tells you I’ve figured out what I wanted to do right? It’s time to get to the point). Its funny because this blog has come full circle. While I’ve imported content from other places I’ve written on the web -which I may go back and delete – the blog keshnadonia.com was originally about me documenting my design journey. Somewhere in the process I fell off with writing, changed directions – and here I am again.

I am going to use this blog to document my journey to getting to IDEO as an industrial designer. I don’t want too many categories on my blog, so for now I’ll stick to three:

  • life
  • finances
  • industrial design
  • oh and random, since that’s where most of my old posts hang out.

Justin Michael sent me a series of questions to answer. And then I discovered Barrett Brooks blog – specifically this post. I plan to combine the two posts, and document my journey here.

Justin if you ever come across this post, I’m stealing your title :D. ( No I will be asking for forgiveness later).

I haven’t fully answered all of Justin’s questions, when I do I’ll come back and add it to this post.

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