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    Split Second of Loss Focus

    Today I stepped out after lunch to go make a deposit at the bank. I have a few automatic payments set up to withdraw and I already knew that my account didn’t have all the needed finds for tomorrow the 15th. I kept telling myself I need to stop at the bank – and I just didn’t make the time or set some time aside to do it. So during lunch I used my GPS to take me to the nearest location. My GPS said 10 min from my job. for some reason, the route I was taking took me to the parkway. As I merged onto the route I…

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    My Experience(s) with Grief in 2018

    I remember when my uncle passed. It was my introduction to grief and loss of a loved one. I don’t remember how old I was or the exact year – but I believe I was in the 7th or 8th grade. It was May, and the breaking news that my uncle had passed weighed on me. I expereinced feeling angry because he’d promised me that when we got better he’d take me out for ice cream. but he never got better. He passed away from lung cancer complications I’m sure. During his funeral we had to wear all white. I wore that outfit once and never again. I don’t remember…

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    I survived INKTOBER 2018

    Hello World. Originally when this challenge started I wanted to draw, do a daily write-up and post to youtube, and then I quickly realized –  I realized I needed to RELAX just a bit. I still work a full-time job and teach on the side. So doing all that was bound to set me up for failure. Rather than give up on the daily drawing – which was the main focus of the challenge, I decided to go ahead and continue to draw and post to facebook and tumblr. I realized my write up could be what I left in the comments section below. And even then I didn’t do that on…

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    Learn Shift Grow

    I learned so much today at the 2018 Learn Shift Grow event. Even more so I learned about how to make changes and become more of a wholistic well being. I learned about boundaries, I learned about personal branding, I learned about eating raw, nutrition, fitness, and I won a book! The journey to get to the event was a long one, considering my car broke down again. I went and got a rental with the help of a friend and drove down to Maryland around 9pm. It’s truly only by the grace of God that I was able to make it here safely. I found myself dazing out while…

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    Days 6 – 7 of Inktober

    I’ve finally gotten my videos to upload to YouTube. I found out that the sound/music I added wasn’t working with the mobile software. I’m assuming there’s a glitch somewhere. Tonight I get to go home and sketch day 8. While I alluded to sketching a super star in my recorded intro, I’m thinking of sketching literally the stars. How magnificent they are as they glimmer in the sky’s. Pictures above day 7 I’m a part of a large Facebook group and it simply seems that there are many people complaining about what they don’t like. And how some pictures are able to go viral while others get no love and…

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    Day 5 – chicken

    Did you use a reference? Yes How much time was taken to complete this piece? Approximately thirty min Today in the challenge… getting my videos to upload Today in my life… it’s Friday. I simply want to rest. I’m thankful my coworker dropped me off to the mechanic. I’m annoyed that my lyft had the air conditioner on and took the longest route home ever. Ambitious or careful? Ambitious. Really enjoyed the technique. Did I struggle? No. Satisfied? yes

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    Inktober Day 4 – spell

    Do spells really exist? I have no idea. Growing up, in my culture I would hear my grandma talk about the bad things people did to each other. More recently my mom told me stories about what her grand dad did to her growing up. I’ve heard stories about voodoo, voodoo dolls and zombies. Things like the walking dead, the sixth sense, Jason and all those other creepy scary movies – it’s not for me. I hate those movies that make you jump, scream, or wake up with heart palpitations in the middle of the night. I haven’t created the drawing yet so the following below doesn’t yet apply. Did…

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    Inktober Day 3

    Day 2 recap: Did you use a reference? yes google search How much time was taken to complete this piece? approximately 35 min Today in the challenge… staying awake. I was extremely sleepy, I need to change my drawing schedule. Today in my life… still car less, and its using some of my mental energy when I am at my day job. I don’t like it but I have to figure out how to get to and from work. Ambitious or careful? somewhat careful still? Maybe both. I was ambitious to try drawing in cross hatching, but when I go back to view the video, I see where I could…

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    I didn’t Quit – Inktober 2018 Day 2

    I didn’t quit. I published on my IG, shared to my Facebook, Tumblr and I’m still alive. I wanted to answer these questions I posted at the end of yesterday’s blog post. I did publish really late but for yesterday the answers are still fresh in my head, and besides, I am finding it a little difficult to fall asleep. Not to mention I had a caramel latte and I’m assuming that has something to do with it. I haven’t had a cup of coffee in a few weeks. what counts as a piece of art? an illustration made in the designated sketchbook for Inktober. are you allowed to miss…

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    InkTober Day 1 – I want To Quit

    It’s the first day of inktober and I am already thinking about quitting. I know, I know terrible right? I haven’t even gotten a chance to take pen to paper and start drawing yet. I certainly didn’t dare to look at the hashtags either. But it seems like this year is bigger and better. So many people have been talking about inktober through different platforms, and I’m excited of what can come of it, but I am uncertain about if I can really commit to it. My room is up in shambles. No, I mean literally, the ceiling is – or was falling and now my room is pretty much dismantled.…