My Latest Doctor Visit

On June 19th, I went to see a new doctor. It was recommended to me after I was talking to a Co-worker of mine.

You see in the last post I talked about how my mom was hospitalized again. And How I need to take care of myself. Lately I’ve been feeling very different. It’s warm out and while I love the heat, I can no longer take the heat. If its hot out I need a shower, or a cup of ice with water in it. Any time I where my apple watch, I get notifications that my heart beat is going to fast.

Well, this doctor I went to go see is in my best interest. She did an EKG, took my Blood Pressure, and asked me about my family history. We sat down for two hours talking about How I was feeling, going over my diet, and what my next steps were. I have a follow up on the 27th of June, first thing in the morning. I will make sure to fast, and drink plenty of water as it was difficult for the technician to draw out my blood to go into the tube for tests.

The doctor talked about the foods I should eat, and I am now required to eat fruit after every meal, and to Have fish twice a week. No more Dunkin Donuts for me!

My mom was Hospitalized …. again…

Just before my birthday, June 14th, My mother Decided to finally go to urgent care. She had an ear that had been bothering her for sometime. At about 10 am, I received a text message saying my mom was headed to the hospital. Urgent care had given her a prescription to go there.

I found a bit of irony in the situation. My mom ended up in the hospital around my sisters birthday – on her birthday to be exact. She had a stroke. There a lasting effects today. Her speech is still a little rough around the edges. And her memory, when she speaks, sometimes things are said backwards, or she’ll mix up the names, and sometimes she can’t find the word she is looking for.

My mom came home yesterday – and I am more than happy to have her home. She is told not to do to much and that she has to relax. If you know my mom you’ll know that is very difficult for her to do.

We found out that she had an ear infection, it had something to do with the garden in the backyard of the house. I was trying to see if pesticides would work, but from the sound of it, its not something that would. The found a bacteria that very difficult to get rid of in my moms ear. After reading up on it I found that in someone healthy, the bacteria wouldn’t affect them much. My mom isn’t too healthy.

Pseudomonas is the bacteria, you can read more about it here. I really want my mom to be around. Especially when I give birth. I always tell my co-workers I’ll be dropping my kids off to my mom. I’d love to do that!

Mom take care of yourself. And speaking of which I need to do the same as well. I’ll talk more about that in the next post.

I Am Now 30

When June comes around I get excited. The majority of rain days are over. And Its my Birth month!!!!!

I am now Thirty – I can’t believe it. And when I started the job I have now, My co-workers seemed to reminisce about their younger twenty something age. However on the other hand, I am excited to enter the #dirtythirty age.

I’ve had so much fun this past weekend. We rented out a house and 14 of my friends came through to celebrate with me. Of course we drank, we celebrated, and we had fun at the beach. We saw the beach at pitch black dark, during daylight and at sunrise. It was a ton of fun.

My birthday this year was on a Friday, and we took the entire weekend to have some good clean fun. We drove down to Atlantic City and stayed at an Air B&B in Brigantine, NJ. The house was gorgeous and just the right size for all of us. We are planning to do this again next year.  I was reading a post by Wilanda , and was inspired to do something similar.

Thirty Things About me:

  1. I am Left handed.
  2. I was born three months premature.
  3. I am a Gemini
  4. I have two older sisters on my fathers side, Nagelah and Farah. And unfortunately, through out the years we’ve lost touch.
  5. And by one of them I became an Aunty at a very young age.
  6. my oldest brother is 4 year my senior
  7. my sister is six years younger than I
  8. my child hood best friend and I will have the same last name 😮
  9. I can draw my ass off!!!
  10. I wanted to be a teacher when I was younger – an art teacher.
  11. I teach sip and paint classes. ( email me if you want to book me!)
  12. I love the color turquoise, you know like the Caribbean ocean, and tiffany blue. More recently I’ve been enjoying the color pink – its the color of all the stationary at my desk!
  13. I enjoy changing my hair styles like we change clothes everyday.
  14. I used to pray fro really long hair. Now that I’m natural, I’m not so sure that I want that. Natural hair is a lot of work!
  15. I really want to be a vlogger. But I often have no idea what to talk about!
  16. I try to push my mom out her comfort zone, to be comfortable on camera and do the same. Make videos about sewing.
  17. I’ve got several nicknames, keshy, keshypooh,
  18. which is fine cause I love pooh bear as a kid. Kay Tee is what I’ll tell Starbucks, Nana was my nickname when I was a child. Kesh-nana is a new one too,
  19. my sister and I are total opposites and that’s ok.
  20. If someone says my name wrong I am quick to correct it. Don’t ever call me Keisha.
  21. My mom used to Want to open a shop and came up with the name Donia.
  22. I used to want my middle name, Donia, to be my first name.
  23. My middle name was supposed to be my first name.
  24. My best friend from High school calls me by my middle name.
  25. I’d like to write a book one day or be featured in one.
  26. when I was younger I didn’t think I was beautiful until my uncle told me I could be a model.
  27. over the summer I’ll be practicing my make up so I can beat the hell outta my face. I’d also like to learn to style my own hair to look fly err day.
  28. my mom used to try to teach me how to sew. I hated it. and now thirty years later, I’d like to learn. I’m very inspired by Anita By Design.
  29. after children, the only thing I’d get done to my body is a breast lift – lol!!!
  30. One day I’d like to open up my own brick and mortar – design studio.

sewing pattern links and sewing machine

Here are some styles I’ve found browsing Anita’s website
Jump suit –

romper/jump suit –

Brother CS6000i






Sewing With Mom

I am so inspired by Somehow I stumbled on her YouTube videos as I searched on how to read a pattern.

I went to Walmart with my mom and took her to the fabric section. You should see how her face lights up when she talks about sewing. She came up with a name for her blog and the next step is to teach me how to read a pattern.

However, our schedules are so different from one another that we have yet to start on the pattern. I would love to follow along with one of Anita’s classes and sew a project. (my mother has given me a sewing machine). I know would be so proud. I can’t wait to get her website and social media up and running.

I think the biggest thing that scared me away from learning how to sew with my mother at a young age was thinking that I’d have to be a fashion designer. I don’t believe I am that great with combining and matching clothes. Typically I use Pinterest to update my wardrobe, or I’ll call one of my good friends to help me put an outfit together.

I guess it’s time for me to get over my fears and learn this skill. I’m hoping my mom doesn’t back out of the videos!!

Urban Sketching

Urban Sketching
I mentioned in on of my previous posts about the sketchbook revival that’s taking place. I’ll be sure to make a tab that has photos of my projects that I’ve completed along the way.
My next project is to become an urban sketcher. Their Our manifesto is …..

Our Manifesto

  1. We draw on location, indoors or out, capturing what we see from direct observation.
  2. Our drawings tell the story of our surroundings, the places we live and where we travel.
  3. Our drawings are a record of time and place.
  4. We are truthful to the scenes we witness.
  5. We use any kind of media and cherish our individual styles.
  6. We support each other and draw together.
  7. We share our drawings online.
  8. We show the world, one drawing at a time.
I learners about urban sketching from Liz Steel. She’s been doing this since 2008! She’s made a career out of it. I’ve found that many urban sketchers have used their sketchbooks as journals. Documenting the things around them, every day.

To read more visit their website, and if you’re in Jersey, looking to meet up and draw give me a ping!

Sketchbook Revival 2018

Sketchbook revival started on Monday, And I am just getting updated with the videos from other artists.

Yesterday I shared that my mom agreed to make videos about sewing. I love creativity and working with my hands. I think that’s why I enjoyed my industrial design classes.

My mom has wanted to have a storefront for years. I’ve been debating what platform I should use to build her site. I have experience using WordPress, square space and I very briefly dabbled with shopify.

I find myself wishing that I took the time to learn how to sew. I could have been in the soft goods industry!

I’ve convinced my mom to start making videos

earlier this year I made a list of my goals, and one of them is to learn to sew by mom. My mom has been sewing since before the age of 17. 17 is when she began sewing for people. I can share some images of the classic old school dresses she made back in the day.


I do do recall making a blog at WordPress dot com but I am clueless as what the link would say. Now, my mom isn’t the best at technology, so I’ll be the person behind the scenes.

After my mom had her stroke, I was so worried of what she would, and wouldn’t be able to do.  Something she’s wanted me to get for her for some time now is an automatic scissor.

If she’s committed to this, so am I.

Sketching Every Day

Sketching Every Day

I’ve been desiring to draw more. I’ve drawn nearly all my life, and after college, I stopped doing what came naturally to me. I’ve been struggling to get back into it, but I think I’ve found a way.

In an attempt to get back into sketching, I’ve purchased additional paints, sketchbooks, pencil, and paper. Yet the start of sketching every day has yet to be fully in place. I have a friend that I talk to nearly every day and she sent me some inspirational posts. We talk about design, owning our own studios, and everyday challenges – from at home to the pressures we face every day.

Each and every morning, I check my personal e-mail before arrival to work. I browse through until its time to start my day at work. Today I saw an email from an artist friend distances away. She quickly sketched my portrait at the then last seanwes conference. (Forgive me as I cannot seem to find the original Instagram post.) 


There are so many things that I aspire to do and I always come back to art, always. Art is my safe space. Last year, as a way to raise money for my very first international missions trip, (I went to Haiti to serve my people,) if anyone donated more than $200.00 USD, I made a custom painting for them.

Be Bold – for Brit
Portrait Painting for Latisha Styles.

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I’d always wanted to visit. I even wanted my first trip to be more like a vacation, I wanted to see why it was known to be the pearl of the Caribbean. My mom and dad were born in Haiti. And I was able to serve by selling my paintings.


I also painted out of generosity. One of my good friends was in a horrible accident. She lost both of her babies. I decided to paint them and give her a beautiful memory.

I've had my head down working …..

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As I checked my email today, an email from Liz wrote,


This is just a quick mid-month email to make sure that you have heard about a week-long online workshop which I will be part of. I shared details on my blog and Instagram account last week, but if you missed it, here is the information:

It’s called Sketchbook Revival (hosted by my new friend Karen Abend) running between 23 April – 4 May  (and drum roll please) it’s FREE!

It will feature over 20 artists (fine artists, illustrators, intuitive artists, designers, art therapists and art journalers etc) and each session will feature an activity/workshop with the focus on creating art inside a sketchbook. 

I did indeed miss the post. but I’ll be joining this challenge. One of my goals for the new year has been to sketch more. And to enter into a daily sketch challenge. I guess it’s being handed to me. I’ve since joined the facebook group and will be taking part in this daily sketch challenge that I found on Liz’s blog. Challenge link.

Lastly, if you’ve been on my blog before, you’ll notice a few changes. I’m looking to move this blog to more of a lifestyle blog. Integrating art, design, fitness, finance, and spirituality. Stick with me through these changes and remember to create, design, and build.