Making the Move 

Yesterday,  I shared a few things on my todo list and today I’m attempting to make the move to a self hosted WordPress site.  A few challenges and snags:  I was ready to pay for a guided switch.  Paid siteground upfront  Learned majority of team would be away 😒 After spending about an hour […]

Goal Setting, Tasks, Time Blocks (Pt 1)

Today’s lesson was about lead magnets. Basically, something you give away to your subscribers for signing up for your list and it gives them more information to let them know what’s to come. Earlier this week, we touched on goal setting – making time blocks to achieve what it is we are looking to accomplish. […]

Accountability Partners

Every first Wednesday of the month I have a meet-up to attend with one of my accountability partners. We meet at a specific location where we get to interact with both new and familiar faces. I first learned about accountability partners from the seanwes community. In today’s lesson of the ConvertKit Product Creation Master Class […]

I’m Going to Haiti

I’m Going to Haiti For the past year or so I’ve been feeling like I need to do something greater than myself. I wasn’t sure what it would entail, however a few things have aligned and well – I’m going to Haiti.  Growing up I’d always hear stories from my grandmother about Haiti. From my […]