Fund Raising to Haiti 2017

Not everyone believes in giving funds and donations to go service others in different countries. Some people believe there is much work to do in the states. I did some searching online and read about a service trip someone went on. 

They talked about how America is better off because we have systems set in place to help people get back on their feet. 

I’ve also talked to a few people that have been to Haiti, I’ve heard good and bad and it seems that you have to have the right mindset to travel – not just to Haiti but anywhere. 

I decided to use my design skills to help me get to Haiti. If someone donates $100 or more I’ll make a custom painting or lettering piece. I’ll be using Facebook, twitter, Instagram and Snapchat to help promote. So far I’ve got three donations and I’ve already started my first painting. 

The next way to raise funding, I figure is to make products. And use a drop shipping service to make the physical products. 

Consider giving and read the full story on my go fund me page:

Thank you to those of you that have already supported me. It’s greatly appreciated. 

The Fear Of Self Promotion

I’m not sure where the fear comes from not wanting to promote our selves. Perhaps its the fear of people rejecting us.

With this upcoming project I know I’ll have to promote myself and my design work.

There’s this person I’ve been following on youtube for years. This year she celebrated 5 years on youtube. She started out promoting herself everyday for a year as online as an experiment.

Check her out:

WordPress Migration Challenges

I almost broke my site earlier this morning. I was getting an error message and could only see the back end of things. However, majority of the back end is complete. With much back and fourth with my web hosting provider and asking tons of questions.

As I continue with the ConvertKit Course I am realizing I need to expand my outline and lessons.

Here’s where I am with everything so far:

  • I’ve got the content for the landing page edited and outlined
  • I’m halfway through migrating to (I’ve caught a snag with a few things and I”m just not certain what changing certain things do). There’s a lot of testing, breaking and failing going on in the background.
  • I am working on the design for my landing page. Hoping to go live with it by Monday.
  • I’ll be recording a video to post on youtube – scheduled for tomorrow – as a promo and a way to ask for funding.

Side note: after much frustration with I suggested that they put up a notice so that people that wanted a guided transfer could know they are unavailable. I’m glad they listened, because when I was attempting to do the purchase it wasn’t available and it wasn’t posted visible on the site. Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 1.54.34 PM.png

Gee, thanks for the heads up….

Taking the challenge on for myself I’ll be using this guide WordPress has put together. I think it would be helpful to have a video guide because as I attempt to this there is a bit of switching back and fourth between tabs.

Overall, if you decide to do the DIY version, just ensure you have patience (something I can use more of), and that you enjoy reading. Now back to testing, failing and all the other things that come with this DIY….

Making the Move 

Yesterday,  I shared a few things on my todo list and today I’m attempting to make the move to a self hosted WordPress site. 

A few challenges and snags: 

  • I was ready to pay for a guided switch. 
  • Paid siteground upfront 
  • Learned majority of team would be away 😒

After spending about an hour with a happiness engineer I decided maybe my hosting site would have something set up. And I was right. 

I’m publishing early today in case I need some tutorials for later. 

I’ve written out my landing page and even had someone edit for me. 

This weekend I’ll be working on flushing out the content. 

Stay tuned to the new updates !!!!

Goal Setting, Tasks, Time Blocks (Pt 1)

Today’s lesson was about lead magnets. Basically, something you give away to your subscribers for signing up for your list and it gives them more information to let them know what’s to come. Earlier this week, we touched on goal setting – making time blocks to achieve what it is we are looking to accomplish.

I am certainly someone who has a problem saying no. I like to over compensate and over achieve – and who am I in competition with? No one other than myself.

One of the main points to achieve our goal after making an outline is to work on something that excites you. At the moment, what excites me is moving my blog to a self hosted wordpress account.

So far I’ve done a bit of research – my biggest fear is breaking something. However, there are plenty of online tutorials. And I’ve scheduled Saturday as the day to tinker and move things around.

I’ve already gotten my outline completed, and I need to expand on the content.

I need to design the cover of my lead magnet and thanks to Nathan Barry for sharing some online resources like:

  • envato market place
  • the noun project
  • and psd covers
  • canva

II’ll be using site ground for my hosting – they are a bit more expensive but I’ve heard nothing but great reviews from them.

I’ve shared my outline and will have a few people review it in hopes that they have actual questions for me.

Another really great tip that I got was to schedule out the week I’d like to have – all 24 hours of a each day – for a week. As a visual person it helps to see what I’m doing with my time. It’s also something I did in college.

As of right now,  about 12.5 hours is spent on my commute to and from work. Add 7 hours of sleep and I’m left with 4.5 hours to work out, meet with other people and most of all work on my side project.

If there’s anything I’ve learned, you need to believe in your product before anyone else will.


Accountability Partners

Every first Wednesday of the month I have a meet-up to attend with one of my accountability partners. We meet at a specific location where we get to interact with both new and familiar faces.

I first learned about accountability partners from the seanwes community. In today’s lesson of the ConvertKit Product Creation Master Class (pcm) we were encouraged to form or join a mastermind group or create one. While I’d love to connect with more people, I know I’ve stretched myself as far as I can without breaking. I need to continue to focus my efforts to get results.

How or where to find an accountability partner?

Well I can tell you where I found mine – but I have a few. One from college – we meet biweekly, one from an online coach (mastermind group- this was for a season), another from the seanwes community – we meet weekly, and another where we check in monthly from the same community.

When searching for an accountability partner, you want to ensure that the person you are working with values your time, effort and growth. Here are a few things you might want to consider:

  • Values must be in line.
  • recognize the differences between each person.
  • remember there are levels to this. They should be (1-2 levels) ahead of you if in the same pursuit.

Writing a bukket list

What goes down in an accountability meeting:

A meeting is conducted like this:
Mutually beneficial ( a mentor is one way, be ready to compensate financially)
begin with the last meetings minuets
it has to be regular (preferably daily- mine is weekly-, approximately an hour).
it has to be scheduled
it has to be structured
be sure to take physical notes
be friendly and be human
don’t waste time

Be sure to cover:

what are you struggling with right now
what are you working on by the next time we talk
write down commitments (vise versa)

What happens if I don’t meet my goals?

Well, we’re human and we aren’t perfect. Simply reset if commitments aren’t met
Think: what will I do differently next time?
Remember to be realistic with the goals. (I tend to over compensate with time and say yes more often than not).
Have fun! (It doesn’t have to be business all the time).
I use google docs (and unfortunately there’s a virus going around) and dropbox to share files. I also keep a physical journal or moleskine to take physical notes. It’s always a pleasure to sit and talk with my accountability partner. We are real about our current situations, and what we are trying to build.
Where did you find your accountability partner and how often do you meet? Is it formal or informal?

I’m Going to Haiti

I’m Going to Haiti
For the past year or so I’ve been feeling like I need to do something greater than myself. I wasn’t sure what it would entail, however a few things have aligned and well I’m going to Haiti. 
Growing up I’d always hear stories from my grandmother about Haiti. From my imagination it seemed like they grew up on a farm, but also in a community. But she also told me things that sounded scary of which I won’t mention. I also heard my mom talk about her experience vastly different from my grandmothers. The common thread between their lives was that it was a struggle. 
There have been times in the past when my grandmother wanted to take me to Haiti with her but out of fear my answer has always been no. But this time something is different. A change of heart? A change in maturity? Curiosity? 
Many people don’t know where they come from. I am happy to know where my roots are from. To know the language fairly fluently, and to know my extended family. (Mainly on my Grandma’s side) but I have yet to visit the land. While I know things are vastly different, I still want to go and experience for myself. 
Touch someone’s heart before you touch their hands. 
The number one lesson from Mr. Dort the lead person for the missions trip. And it makes sense. You don’t want to simply tell people what you are doing and they not feel connected with your goal, mission and service. 
I’ve been trying to find the Ideal way to put together a marketing campaign to help raise funds for my missions trip to Haiti. I also want to create a resource for people to use in the future. I’d like to use my design skills to raise the funds and its all still in progress. I guess in honor of  Haitian Heritage month its a great time to write about the process, and the mission.
Every year my church goes and gives their time, money, and physical labor to help family, friends, and those they do not know. 
This will be my first time visiting and my biggest fear are the mosquitos!!!